Bird Spikes Ac Kit For Split Ac

Bird Spikes AC Kit for Split AC

I     Institutions like schools, colleges, and hospitals have the split AC for some important parts of the establishment. The split AC is used for providing a centralized air conditioning system for the institutions. They have a separate outdoor unit having the motor, kept well away from the main unit.
The outdoor units for the split AC are the perfect place for nesting for the birds. They can easily build their nests in these sites as many people do not go to the area. Bird droppings become a common sight if birds start to nest in the area. It becomes hard to get rid of them and their nests. The bird droppings carry several deadly germs that can cause diseases. Visitors who frequent the place can fall seriously ill. These droppings can lead to various life threatening diseases across everyone.
For protection from birds use our effective bird deterrents, Bird Scare Devices which are spikes that are,
·         Easy to install to any surface
·         No maintenance is required
Made from industrial grade thermoplastic

Bird Spikes AC Kit for Split AC

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