Bird Spikes Ac-kit For Window Ac

     Industries have window AC’s fit at regular intervals for controlling the temperature. Small working units prefer these ACs. A major portion of the window AC protrudes outside, which faces a lot of trouble from the birds.
Birds sit on the window AC’s and as a result their droppings, nesting debris and feathers get accumulated around the ACs. This debris blocks the vents around the AC leading to reduced efficiency and frequent breakdowns. Also, their droppings are highly toxic in nature and when they fall inside the AC damage the piping also. These droppings contain very dangerous compounds, and when this air circulates inside the premises, it can lead to workers falling sick. Accumulated droppings on AC’s present a very unwelcoming sight and leave a appalling impression on visitors and clients.
Safeguard your mill by fixing our Bird Scare anti bird spikes which are best bird problem solutions as,
·         Require very little maintenance
·         Easy to handle and install
·         Prepared from fire proof thermoplastic

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