Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

5 Main Questions About Spikes for Bird Control

What are spikes for bird control?

Spike for bird control is a device majorly designed to keep away pigeon and other pest birds from the place meant for humans but conquered by the pigeons or birds. The pigeon scare is made of polycarbonate material that is strong.  The needle like structure attached to the base is basically very pointed and stand straight and vertically leaving no space for pigeons to sit.

How does it work?

The hard spikes are long exactly seven inches. This length of the spike turn birds away because the uneven space is not convenient for them to land. The pigeon generally fly in vertical space that is the reason they are most common in are residential, commercial and industrial places. These spikes block pigeon vertical landing or any pest bird landing in our places.

Where spikes for bird control should be placed?

Spikes for bird control should be placed on the attics, roof tops, balconies, ledges and water tank covers, mostly placed in open spaces where birds can roost.

Why should I use spike for bird control?

Pigeon use their nest again and again they make a new nest over the previous one. That makes the whole structure look like a muddy and hard to move structure. Mostly the nests are built on the sides having cover and shade. The droppings and the nest when gets accumulated on the top of air conditioners and windows it create diseases along with damage to costly air conditioners and buildings.

Does it solve our problem?

Yes, it does because it totally gets the repair cost created because of bird dropping to nil. Contacts with Pigeons and other pest bird is avoided the risk of getting 60 possible diseases from birds gets eliminated. The hassle of cleaning bird shit is also reduced.