How Are Bird Spikes In Jaipur Used?

The Pink city of India is under attack from fowls that are hurriedly looking for places to nest and brood. But citizens of this city have found a unique way protecting the city from pigeons. They are using bird spikes in Jaipur and these spikes are doing well. These spears are made from fibers that are 100% safe for the birds. There will be no harm to the fowls if they land on the spears.

Bird Spikes Jaipur

The objective is to save the Pink City from pigeons without spoiling the red color of the city. Also, people don’t want to kill the birds as they are animal lovers. They want to let the birds fly high in the sky and live freely. But at the same time they want to prevent the fowls from nesting in their beautiful homes and heritage buildings.

Bird Spikes Jaipur
                                                                       Bird Spikes Jaipur

Companies that supply bird spikes in Jaipur provide complete service that installation and maintenance of the spears. The spears come set on rubber tiles that can easily be installed on buildings. Once the spears are installed, you can rest and relax that no pigeon could land on your home and nest. But the fowls can fly without any fear or apprehension in the sky.

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