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Bird spikes in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Before you scare the pigeons with a toy gun that sounds like real, you should look at bird spikes in Bengaluru. A toy gun might not harm the Aves but the stubborn pigeons would come back to nest on the roof of your home. And they will choose the place that is inaccessible to you.

If you are thinking of destroying their nests then it would be too late to act. The pigeons would make a mess in your home with all their leftover. The best way to drive the birds away is to use pigeon control spikes in Bengaluru. The spikes are easy to use and they are long lasting.

The spikes come fitted on a rubber flap and they come in a set of around 22 pieces. The rubber flap has holes for fastening studs and a flat can cover approximately 22 feet of space. You can calculate the number of flaps needed to cover a specific area before buying the spikes.

Each piece of spikes is approximately 13 inches long and it looks firm in design and color. If you press a piece, you will find that it is safe. It only pinches and causes no harm. If a bird accidentally lands on a spike, the flexible needle would throw it back to the sky. A pigeon spikes suppliers can show you the products and also guide on how to install the spikes.

You hate pigeons because they can spoil your beautiful home with their leftover and there seems to be no way the Aves can be turned back. Using a toy gun seems a better idea but it won’t work for long. Using spikes is the only way left to the pigeons away from your home. You should approach a bird spike manufacturer for bird deterrents and buy the spikes for your home.

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