Bird Spikes in Gujarat

If you want to drive the pigeons away from your home then you should try bird spikes in Gujarat. The idea is to scare the Aves with spikes. These nail like objects are approximately 13 inches long and they come in a set of 20 or 22 pieces. All the pieces are fixed in a fiber sheet that can cover up to 20 feet area.

Pigeon control spikes in Gujarat are so popular that they can be found in residential buildings, shops, shopping malls and public places including hospitals. These spikes work perfectly as they look real but they aren’t harmful. The objective is only to scare the Aves and not to kill the birds.

If a bird accidentally lands over a spike, it immediately flies away. The pointed object doesn’t allow the Aves to land on it and in case of accident landing the bird feels the pinch of the spike. Fearing danger, it flies away promising never to come back.

Aves land on flat surface where they can easily make nests. A spiked surface leaves little room for the birds to land and nest. The pigeons won’t be able to nest in the spiked surface even after landing. The long and pointed studs would make things difficult for the birds.

Pigeon spikes suppliers offer products of different sizes. It is seen that some manufacturers offer inferior quality products at a reduced price. It should be noted that objective of using spikes won’t be fulfilled if the products are found to be of inferior quality.

An experienced bird spike manufacturer knows what the objective of this product is and how to product quality spikes. The manufacturer would take care of the birds. It won’t use the material that can actually harm the Aves. The spikes are made of plastic fiber that beds on pressing.

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