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Bird Spikes in Gurgaon

People use bird spikes in Gurgaon but most people use the spikes that are more like showpieces. The birds aren’t scared from small pieces that they can press with their weight. Spikes for birds are special products as they have a specific objective.

If you are looking for pigeon control spikes in Gurgaon, you should choose the products that are long enough to be visible from sky and deter the birds from their buildup and size. But at the same time, the spikes should be safe for the birds. They should look strong and pointed but they shouldn’t harm the pigeons, if latter accidentally land on the spikes.

Gurgaon Bird Spikes

An ideal spike should be of 13 inches in length and it should have pointed top. A piece less than 13 inches in height would be useless as it won’t be visible to birds. Also, the pigeons can crush small pointed objects with their claws. On the other hand, large spikes have a different problem. They could leave much space for smaller birds to nest between the spikes.

Before you buy spikes for your home, you should keep size and design of the products. When you visit a bird spike manufacturer, you should check the product quality to make sure that it is suitable for your needs. You will need installing the spikes on the areas where pigeons nest. Also, you would need keeping the spiked area clean of foliage that could get stuck in the spikes.

If you want to compare products of pigeon spikes suppliers, you should keep the size of the spikes in mind. Your objective is to scare the birds away and not to harm them. The birds can make their nests away from your home. By spending a small amount on spikes, you can save hundreds of dollars you spend annually in home cleaning.

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