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What are the best bird spikes made of?

Homeowners spend millions in cleaning the leftover of pigeons. These are pest birds that perch on rooftops, attics and other inaccessible places and make their nests. Driving away pigeons is a very difficult job as they are quite stubborn. But bird spikes in Pune are doing a great job in keeping these unwanted birds away from homes.

What is pigeon menace?

Pigeons nest on trees and they feed on worms and insects. And they want to live close to human settlements but there is no place for pigeons to roost in cities that have converted into concrete jungles. What the birds do is they nest on buildings but remain far away from the reach of human. And homeowners use pigeon control spikes in Pune to keep these birds away from their homes and offices.

How spikes work?

They scare the pigeons away. It is simple, affordable and safe. You only need covering the place left unused due to inaccessibility. Install spikes on rooftops where birds perch and get freedom from these unwelcome guests. There will be no fuss, mess or hassle after installing the spikes. Also, you won’t need replacing these products for a long time.

How are spikes advantageous in keeping birds away?

It is very difficult to keep the birds away from your home but you can prevent them from nesting in your home. A bird spike manufacturer makes spikes using soft fibers that are harmless for innocent pigeons. The objective of the spikes is to deter pigeons from landing on rooftop and other places where birds can nest.

There are many pigeon spikes suppliers and they use different material for making the spikes. Some suppliers make products with plastic while others use steel. You should be very careful in your selection of spikes. They shouldn’t be harmful to birds.

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