Water Tank Guard

Monkey Spikes Water Tank Guard

Every living thing needs water for survival, but you should keep your water tank safe from monkeys that co-habit with you in your neighbourhood. Buy water tank guard from SpikeZone to keep simians away from your water reservoir.
Safety of your water tank
Locking the tank seems the best option but, in this case, you will allow the monkeys to try breaking the lock or try getting water from pipes and joints. The best way to protect your overhead tank is to use a reliable water tank guard like one provided by SpikeZone that is a leading manufacturer of monkey spikes.
Spikes keep monkeys away
These spikes are made of polycarbonate but they look like made of stainless steel. They are flexible but they look harmful. The pointed needs of rubber look scary. Your water tank guard will have plenty of spikes around. And it won’t allow any monkey to come close to the tank. You can order your spikes from SpikeZone and get them delivered at your home.
Easy to install and durable
The water tank guard comes in the forms of rubber tiles with needles propping up from the tiles. You only need setting the tiles around the tank. It is an easy job that you can do without any help. Also, SpikeZone will give tutorial on how to use the spikes.
Visit SpikeZone for more information on the design of water tank guard and its quality. Also, you can check the price, delivery and guarantee of the spikes.

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