Why Bird Spikes in Punjab Are Popular?

Bird spikes in Punjab are helping people keep their homes, shops and warehouses clean. Punjab is the wheat bowl of India; there are many store houses where food grains are stored for supply. These store rooms often become homes to nesting birds like pigeon that can make nests even in smallest areas.

Bird Spikes

Earlier people used to kill pigeons but it isn’t advised as it is harmful for human and the environment. Now people no longer kill pigeon as they know that these creatures also have a right to live. They should be scared away from buildings and there is a unique way of keeping the pigeons away from homes and store houses. The objective is to cover the space where pigeons can nest with spikes that look dangerous but they are safe. Made of fiber, these spikes provide real help in keeping the birds away.

Bird spikes in Punjab are quite popular. Farmers, homeowners, storeowners and everyone concerned about cleaning of buildings and safety of the pigeons is using the spikes. Also, using these spikes is quite easy. You only need installing the tiles with spears on the place where birds can land. Once set, these tiles remain functional for a long time.


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